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Arms Warrior Battle Ground Strategies

Level 85 Arms Warrior PVP Battle Ground Strategies
Introducing: The all new World of Warcraft Cataclysm Arms Warrior 2011

Level 85 World of Warcraft Battle Grounds
Twin Peaks: Capture the Flag

Warrior PVP Battle Grounds

Arathi Basin
Level 85

Stop Defending and start attacking! This is the best strategy hand down. If you have vent and are organized you can win by defending, but lets face it, we aren't always organized! Keep Attacking! All fury warriors should try to get the first hit on a player so when you kill them you can use "Victory Rush" and get that health back! Then you are on your way to killing TWO opponents instead of the regular version of just one. This is the World of Warcraft!

Warrior PVP Battle Grounds

Alterac Valley
Level 85
Rush the last GY, take all towers in between, kill one boss first, let towers cap, then ALL IN on last boss.

Capture the Flag
Level 85

Be a World of Warcraft Warrior Master flag carrier:
Potions to equip: [Swiftness Potion]
How to carry flag: Use heroic leap to your advantage, timing is everything! Use intercept to gain ground towards your destination. Switch to Shield using macro found in Fury Warrior Macros page. Spell block those spells cast on you! Bladestorm your way to victory! Use defensive stance and "intervene" towards your teammates to help protect them and gain ground.

Cloud 9 Achievement
Fury Warrior Cloud 9 Achievement

Eye of the Storm:
The idea behind this battle ground is to take all the towers ideally. However, there is a valuable flag that spawns in the middle of the battle field. If you hold the middle area, keeping running the flag as many times as possible! You don't need to have more than 1 or 2 people doing that usually. Purchase my PVP guide for fury warriors and rock the pvp world!

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